SiteGuru guide


  1. Starting an SEO audit

    Starting an SEO audit

    So you just started a new SEO project and want to run an SEO audit on the site. This article explains how to add a site to SiteGuru, and which options you can select.

  2. The SEO audit process

    The SEO audit process

    SiteGuru runs an SEO audit on your site. This article explains how we do it and what you can expect.

  3. Connecting your Google Accounts

    Connecting your Google Accounts

    This article explains you how to connect your Google Account to SiteGuru, turning SiteGuru into your overall online dashboard.

  4. Solving crawl issues

    Solving crawl issues

    In some cases, SiteGuru cannot access your website. In this article, we describe why that happens and what you can do about it.

  5. Using the Sitemap Report

    Using the Sitemap Report

    SiteGuru's sitemap report helps you optimize your sitemaps for better crawling. This article explains how it works.

  6. Managing Users

    Managing Users

    Invite others to your SiteGuru account, and work together on improving your SEO. This article explains how it works.

  7. Indexation report

    Indexation report

    The indexation report helps you find any issues that prevent your pages from being indexed. Also, it shows you if Google is indexing your pages correctly.