Best SEO Podcasts for Marketers

We listened to dozens of episodes to create this list of the best SEO podcasts every marketer should check out (based on your knowledge level). 

Let’s dive in!

The Best SEO Podcast for All-Round Marketers

Azeem Digital Asks

Azeem Digital Asks

Who Should Listen to Azeem Digital Asks?

  • Marketers who aren’t all that sure about SEO
  • Marketers who want to expand their services
  • Ambitious marketing entrepreneurs

If you think of yourself as a marketer first and an SEO professional second, you’ll love Azeem Digital Asks.

Rated among the top 10 UK digital marketing podcasts, Azeem’s podcast covers the intersection of digital marketing, SEO, and PR. You’ll hear experts in the industry discuss recent developments, strategies, and running a search engine marketing business every 12 days.

Episodes We Loved

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The Best SEO Podcast for Newcomers to SEO

SEO 101

SEO 101

Who Should Listen to SEO 101?

  • Marketers who want to stay updated
  • Marketers with no previous SEO education
  • Marketers with SEO field experience but little theoretical knowledge

SEO 101 is exactly what it says on the tin: an SEO podcast that’ll bring out the inner optimization aficionado in you. (Even if this is your first time hearing about XML sitemaps.)

Every two weeks, the hosts cover fundamental SEO topics. You’ll get actionable advice and a deeper understanding of why SEO works the way it does.

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The Best SEO Podcast for Intermediate SEOs

Edge of the Web

Edge of the web

Who Should Listen to Edge of the Web?

  • The practical marketer who deals with SEO daily
  • Marketers who oversee campaigns with SEO
  • Agency owners

If you’ve ever wished for a podcast that combines expert advice, recent updates, and fundamental knowledge to take your SEO to the next level, you just found it.

Meet the Edge of the Web podcast!

Host Erin Sparks interviews SEO experts like Jason Barnard and Barry Schwartz on advanced SEO practices. The weekly podcast also has a segment titled “News from the EDGE” where the team scans headlines and helps you make sense of even the most obscure developments.

If you want to get strategic and tactical knowledge in one place, tune in to the Edge of the Web!

Episodes We Loved

*AKA: how do you know when your Schema setup is working?

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The Best SEO Podcast for the Advanced Marketer

The Search Engine Journal Show

Search Engine Journal Show

Who Should Listen to the Search Engine Journal Show?

  • Marketers who mastered SEO
  • Marketers in search of SEO updates & expert advice
  • Marketing agency strategists who want to supercharge their campaigns

You’ve done the groundwork. You’ve set up XML sitemaps, tracked rankings, and you’d know your way around the Google Search Console if someone woke you up in the middle of the night.

What’s next?

That’s up to you and the Search Engine Journal Show. As the official podcast of Search Engine Journal, it’s renowned for hosting the world’s top SEO and marketing minds.

In addition to strategic episodes (some of which explain how to integrate SEO with your brand strategy), the Search Engine Journal Show hosts Q&A sessions with experts, dives deep into SERP updates, and shows you how to create a future-proof SEO mindset - no matter the algorithm update.

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The Best SEO Podcast for the Hardboiled Search Engine Marketer

Search with Candour

Search with Candour

Who Should Listen to Search with Candour?

  • Experienced search engine marketers
  • Marketers who want the inside SEO scoop
  • Ambitious marketing entrepreneurs

You’ve been in the SEO game for years. You can predict how updates will affect your campaigns. Heck, maybe you were a guest on one of these podcasts yourself.

So, what are you missing? Find out in Search with Candour.

This podcast, hosted by Jack Chambers-Ward and Mark Williams-Cook (ex. SEMrush), speaks to the hardboiled search engine marketer in all of us.

No filter and no filler. Search with Candour candidly covers SEO and marketing topics. Dig into their archives, and you’ll find plenty of episodes to refresh your knowledge with new link reclamation tactics, eCommerce SEO tips, and more.

And, like with any good podcast, you can look forward to interviews with experts who bring digital marketing, PPC, SEO, and other disciplines together to share their learnings.

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Have You Found Your New Favorite SEO Podcast?

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