Everything you need for SEO success

It's our mission to help you succeed as an SEO professional. Our website auditor helps you get the full picture of a website, find issues, prioritize them, and fix them.

Here's how we do that.

SEO dashboard
Result of a full website crawl

Website Crawler

Get the complete picture of your website. SiteGuru crawls your entire website and shows you the full structure. Sitemaps, internal links, and canonicals: our crawler eats everything. The result: a full overview of your site, including those pages you forgot about.

We generate a fresh SEO report every week, and you can always start a new check manually.

Your SEO to-do list

The crawler gets hundreds of data points for your website. All available in over 20 reports. But you don't need 20 reports. You need actionable SEO tips.

That's where the SEO task list comes in: the most important SEO issues on your site that really impact your visibility. Prioritized by impact, and affected pages. So you can focus on the right things.

List of your most important SEO tasks
Manage users, add colleagues and clients to the reports

Work together with clients

SEO's never work alone. Invite your clients, copywriters, and developers to your SiteGuru account and work together on your projects. There is no limit to the number of people you can invite, and it's super easy to give everyone access to just what they need.

Keep track of changes

We check your website every week and keep track of what has changed. See historic meta descriptions, page titles, and canonicals. Find out how your page speed changed over time. And keep track of the overall health of your website. Great to quickly spot issues. Even better to impress your client with the progress you've made.

The timeline shows you all new and removed pages of your website
CSV icon PDF icon Excel icon

Exports of everything you need

The freedom to do your own Excel or Google Sheets magic.

Exports to CSV and MS Word, with your own logo and company name on the report.

Task list completed

Insights into everything that's relevant for SEO

Overview of all pages and their page title

Meta descriptions and page titles

Get the basics right: find missing or duplicate page titles and meta descriptions. And find those titles and descriptions that have a suboptimal length.

Better yet: see directly what the SERP for that page might look like, on both mobile and desktop. Not for one page, but for hundreds of pages.

Page speed and Core Web Vitals

Are you using Google Page Speed Insights to monitor your Page speed and Core Web Vitals like Largest Contentful Paint and Cumulative Layout Shift? That's a good idea because page performance is important for both SEO and user experience.

Stop checking every page individually: we'll check hundreds of pages using the Pagespeed API, and show you the results in one overview. This saves you hours finding slow pages.

Oh, and we do it every week, so you'll know when new page speed issues arise.

Pages with their Pagespeed Insights score, CLS and LCP score
Tree overview of your website


Sitemaps are an import tool in your SEO toolbox. How do you know if the sitemap is complete, up to date, and correct? The Sitemap Report tells you just that.

We find all your sitemaps and find broken pages, missing pages, and redirected pages. Invaluable to improve your sitemaps and help Google indexing your site.

Screenshot of SiteGuru feature

Structured Data

Every SEO knows Structured Data is a great way to enhance your visibility in Google.

The Structured Data Report to find out which pages have whay types of Structured Data, and where you could add some Schema to improve your visibility.

Canonical URLs

A wrong canonical URL can do serious SEO damage to your website. For every page, the Canonical Report shows you what type of canonical it has: no canonical, self-referencing, or referring to another page. This helps you identify canonicalization issues and prevent SEO disasters.

Canonical URL report
Hreflang report


If you've ever done an SEO audit for an international website, you know what a nightmare Hreflangs can be. Very much required to make a page target the right audience, yet very hard to get right.

The Hreflang-report shows you which pages have which hreflangs, to help you quickly find uncovered pages or languages. A huge time-saver for international SEO.

A projected completed successfully

Detailed reporting

Page structure and headings

Headings help search engines understand what your page is about. For every page, we show you the structure, from H1 to H6. Pages without an H1, or with many different H1's are highlighted, so you can improve the page structure.

No-index setting

We've all heard SEO horror stories of a forgotten no-index tag on the most important page. With SiteGuru, that won't happen to you. For every page, we check the indexability settings. No SEO bloopers for you.

Images without alt texts

Image alt texts help you make your site more accessible and helps Google understand what the image is about. The Image Report shows you which images don't have an alt text.

OpenGraph data

OpenGraph tags make your pages stand out on social media. Don't miss the opportunity to stand out. The OpenGraph report identifies pages that don't have OpenGraph data.

Google Analytics tracking code

Using Google Analytics? You want to make sure the tracking code is placed on every page. That's exactly what the Analytics report tells you. It reports pages without a tracking code. Works with Google Analytics and Tag Manager.

HTML validation

A page with invalid HTML may not be an SEO issue directly, yet often points to underlying code issues. It may even cause cross-browser issues or mobile issues. We use the W3 HTML Validator to check every page for HTML issues.