Connecting your Google Accounts

By connecting your Google account to SiteGuru, you turn your SiteGuru report into your online marketing dashboard. The SiteGuru Insights tab shows you all the relevant data from both Google Search Console and Google Analytics in one place. This helps you quickly spot opportunities, identify issues and get an overall feel of how your website is performing.

About Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool provided by Google to website owners, and gives you information about how your website is performing in Google. It includes information about the keywords a website ranks for, how often pages are shown for a certain keyword, what their position is, and what the click-through rate is. This only includes search traffic on Google.

SiteGuru uses the data from Search Console to alert you about changes in position for important keywords, identify which percentage of traffic is branded (includes your brand name), monitor your important keywords, and show which pages rank for which keywords. 

About Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an analytics tool to monitor how many people visitors come to your website, where they come from, which pages they visit and what they do on your site. 

SiteGuru uses this information to show you which pages are most important, which pages aren't performing well (have a high bounce rate or low engagement), and identify traffic trends per channel.


Google Search Console requirements

To use SiteGuru with Google Analytics, your Google account needs to have access to the Search Console property. Read-only access is sufficient, because we're not making any changes to your Google account or to your data.

SiteGuru supports both domain properties and regular properties.

Google Analytics requirements

To connect Google Analytics to SiteGuru, you need to have access to the Google Analytics view (Universal Analytics) or Property (GA4, the latest version of Google Analytics). Read-only access is sufficient, we're not making any changes to your Google Analytics accounts.

SiteGuru can connect to both Universalk Analytics and the new Google Analytics 4 properties.

Connecting Google Search Console

Add your Google account

If you haven't added any Google accounts to SiteGuru, the first step is to add your Google account. To do this, go to the site report, click settings and go to the Google accounts tab.

No search console account connected

You'll see a message that there is no Search Console selected. Click Connect Search Console. If you've previously added Google accounts to SiteGuru, you'll see these listed in the popup. If not, you'll be redirected to a Google Screen asking for permission to connect to SiteGuru. 

Sign in with Google screen

Select the account you wish to connect. This account should have access to the Search Console property that you want to link to SiteGuru. Congratulations, you have just connected your Google Account to SiteGuru!

Select the Search Console property

Next, you can select the Search Console account that you want to use for the site. The drop down shows you all the sites that your account has access to:

Select Google Search Console account

If the Search Console property is not in the list, make sure you have used the right Google account. 

Click Select to link the account. Your Search Console account is now linked to SiteGuru, and we'll start fetching your keyword data to show in the reports.

Connecting Google Analytics

The next step is to link your Google Analytics account. To do this, go to the site report, click settings and go to the Google accounts tab.

No Analytics account connected

Click the Connect Google Analytics button to link the account.

Selecting your Google account

If you've added a Google Account in step 1 of the Search Console connection , you can re-use that account for the Google Analytics connection. You can also use a different Google account for the Analytics connection. So in step one, either select an existing Google account to use with Google Analytics, or add a new one:

Connect with new or existing account

Select the account, view and property

After you've selected the account, you need to select which Google Analytics Account, Property and View (Universal Analytics only) you want to use. First, select the Google Analytics account from the first drop down.

Selecting a Google Analytics view

Next, the second drop down will be populated with all the Google Analytics properties within the account you selected. This includes Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 properties. 

If you've selected a Google Analytics 4 property, you only need to click Select and you're done. Google Analytics 4 does not have views, so no need to select one.

If at this stage you select a Universal Analytics property, you also need to select a view. The next drop down will show you all the views in that property. The last step is to select the view and click the Select button. Now you're done!

Connecting multiple Google Accounts

You can add as many Google accounts as you want, and use different accounts for different sites. You can even use the Google Search Console data from one account, and Google Analytics data from another. Just make sure you're selecting the right property.

Google accounts and clients accounts

If you're working with clients in SiteGuru, they can also add their Google account to SiteGuru. Next, you as an account owner need to finalize the setup. Here's how that works:

As a client:

  • Log in to SiteGuru and go to the Site Report
  • Click on Site Settings on the right
  • Click on Google Accounts
  • Click Connect Google Account
  • In the Google Screen, click the account to connect
  • Done!

Next, as a site owner:

  • Log in to SiteGuru and go to the Site Report
  • Click on Site Settings on the right
  • Click on Google Accounts
  • Follow the steps to connect the Google Search Console or Analytics account, by selecting the Google account that your client just added.

Changing your Google account

To connect a different account, or select a different Search Console property or Analytics property, go to the Site Settings and click the Google Accounts tab. This allows you to make the required changes and connect a different account., It also lets you disconnect the accounts if needed. 

Data protection

You might wonder what we do with the data we get from your Google accounts.

We're storing a subset of keyword and visits data in our database to be used in your reports. This data is accessible only to people who you've given access to the site report. The data is not used for any cross-account analysis and definitely not shared with any other party.

We're not getting or storing any account-related data, other than the email address belonging to the account. We're only using that email address to help you identify which account you've selected, and will not be using that for any communications.

I'm not seeing any data

If you're not seeing any keyword or visitor data in SiteGuru Insights, first make sure that you've selected the right property, that is also used on your website. Sometimes a test view is accidentally selected, which means you're seeing test data in SiteGuru Insights.

If you're still having issues, please contact us.

Connection issues

If we cannot connect to your Search Console or Analytics account, you'll see a warning sign in the Insights report, as well as in the Google Accounts overview. Not being able to connect can have various reasons, such as:

  • Your Google account has been removed from the Search Console or Analytics property. Please validate if your account still has access.
  • You or someone else with access to the account may have removed SiteGuru's permissions to connect to the account. Validate if SiteGuru is listed in Google's list of Third Party Access permissions.

If you're still having issues, please contact us.