Managing Users

As an SEO, you often work together with others: copywriters, developers, SEO specialists or clients. To make this easier, you can invite people to your SiteGuru account. This helps to make sure you're all on the same page, looking at the same data.

This article explains how you can add more users to your account.

Inviting multiple users is available in the Free trial, and in all our paid plans.

Managing users

Go to the user management screen by clicking on the Avatar Icon and click People in the submenu.

This will take you to the User Management screen. From here, you can add new users and manage permissions for existing users.

Users overview

Inviting a new user

To invite a new user, click the Add someone button in the User Management screen. 

All you need to do is provide the email address of the person you want to add, and select what role this user has.

Roles in SiteGuru

When adding a new user, it's important to select the right role. Based on the role you selected, the user gets access to sites and options. There are three roles:

  • The Account Owner has full access. She can view and edit every website, and add and remove users.
  • A Colleague also has access to every site, but cannot manage users.
  • A Client can only see the sites that you give access to explicitly. A client cannot add or remove users.

If you're adding clients to your account, make sure you select the role Client. Otherwise, the user may end up seeing sites she should not have access to.

If you give someone access to a website, that person can see everything in that site report. This includes any Insights data that we get from Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

After clicking the Send Invite button, the user gets an email inviting her to create a SiteGuru account. If that person already had a SiteGuru account, that existing user is invited yo join your account on top of any existing accounts.

Removing access for users

After a project ends, or if a colleague gets a new job, you'll want to remove that person from your account.

Remove a person from your account by clicking on that person's email address and click Delete person. This person now can no longer access your account.

Changing roles access for a user

You can always change the role of the user by clicking on the email address of the user in the account management screen and selecting a different role. If the user is a Client, you can also control the sites this user has access to.

More settings

Settings like Billing and the Whitelabel settings are only available for account owners.