Technical SEO


  1. Doing a technical SEO audit

    Doing a technical SEO audit

    In this article, we show the 13 steps to do a quick, actionable technical SEO audit and help your website show up on Google.

  2. XML Sitemaps

    XML Sitemaps

    XML sitemaps are a powerful tool in your SEO toolbox. This article explains everything you need to know about sitemaps

  3. Structured Data and

    Structured Data and

    Structured Data can greatly improve your visibility and click-through rate in search engines. This article shows you how to use Structured Data.

  4. Head, Heading and Header tags

    Head, Heading and Header tags

    Heading tags are markers used in HTML to help structure your website from an SEO point of view and to help visitors and search engines read your content

  5. What are Breadcrumbs?

  6. Website Security and HTTPS

    Website Security and HTTPS

    How does website security relate to SEO, and what do you need to do to make your site more secure and search-engine-friendly?

  7. Broken Links

    Broken Links

    Broken links can hurt the user experience of your site and may negatively affect SEO. This article explains what it is, and how you prevent broken links.

  8. What is Pagination?

    What is Pagination?

    Pagination is used to separate product pages and blog category pages into separate lists. But what is the best way to implement pagination? And why is it important for SEO?

  9. What is a 404 Error?

    What is a 404 Error?

    What is a 404 error page? How do you Implement 404 for better user experience? What are the SEO Impacts of a 404 error?