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SiteGuru comes with

Email alerts

We check your website regularly. If we find something that's wrong, we'll let you know.

Broken link checks

Broken links suck. We check all links and let you know when they don't work.

Automated crawling

No need to add your pages manually. We scan your site and index your pages.

Page quality insights

Uncover issues on your page and find out how to fix them and improve your rankings.

Sharing reports

Invite your team, developers, content marketeers and clients to view your reports.

Friendly support

Need help with the reports, or want to know how to fix your issues? We're here to help.

Frequently asked questions

How does the free trial work?

Enjoy 10 free days of SiteGuru, without entering credit card information. At the end of the trial, you can choose a plan or cancel.

Do I need to install something on my website?

No, we're only checking the publicly available parts of your website. No need to install scripts, plugins or code.

Do I need to choose a plan now?

No, you can get started with the free trial and choose the plan that works for you later.

Can I change plans later?

Yes, you can change plans anytime. We'll change payments accordingly.