International SEO

SEO in different countries and languages

International SEO projects require a bit of specific knowledge that you normally don't encounter working on projects limited to just one country. The trick is to make sure the right content is shown in the right country, in thr right language.

Also, you need to build the optimal site structure for international sections. This guide explains how that works.


  1. Hreflang tags

    Hreflang tags

    Hreflang tags help you target the right language and country. The hreflang tag is essential for successful international SEO. This article explains when and how to use hreflang tags.

  2. International Website Structure

    International Website Structure

    How do you structure a website when targeting multiple countries and languages? This article explains how to choose the best method!

  3. Search engines and language detection

    Search engines and language detection

    Search engines try to provide search results in a language the user understands. This article explains how you make sure your site is included for the right audience.