Best SEO newsletters

Staying up to date with the latest SEO news can be a challenge. We operate in a fast-changing world and your clients expect you to know about the latest developments.

Many SEOs help their colleagues by sharing updates, insights, and best practices. These SEO newsletters are a great example of that. Sign up, and never miss out on any SEO news.

TL;DR Marketing by Sajio George Saijo George

Saijo's daily overview of SEO and marketing-related news. Although he features many SEO articles, he also takes a broader approach, including articles about social media and PPC.

Great to get a quick overview of what's happening in the world of digital marketing.

#SEOFOMO by Aleyda Solis

Aleyda Solis

Aleyda is a well-respected SEO with a great vision of the industry. So it's no surprise that when she started a newsletter, it soon became very popular.

#SEOFOMO is your weekly update with the latest news, case studies, and resources. If you subscribe to just one newsletter, let it be #SEOFOMO.

Search News You Can Use by Marie Haynes

Marie Haynes

Marie Haynes is known as the expert when it comes to Google updates. She shares these insights and more in her weekly newsletters.

There's a paid subscription for $ 18 a month that gives you extra content and algorithm news, and there's a free version that has only the most important news.

The Weekly SEO by Andrew Charlton

Andrew Charlton

Andrew provides you with a weekly overview of the best articles and learnings in the SEO world.

He touches on different SEO topics and highlights the best article as Article of the Week. Consistently great content.

Growth Memo by Kevin Indig

Kevin Indig

Kevin takes one SEO or Growth related topic every week and provides an in-depth discussion of that topic. Don't expect lists of links: Kevin goes deep on a topic.

Reading Kevin's directly applicable knowledge is a great way to spend 10 minutes every week

SEO for Lunch by Nick Leroy

Nick Leroy

Once a week during lunchtime (or dinner, or breakfast depending on your timezone), Nick gives you a good summary of the latest SEO news.

He shares one or two official Search Engine updates from Google or Bing, and lists the 5 or 6 most valuable resources of that week. A lot of valuable insights.

SEO for Google News by Barry Adams

Barry Adams

Barry is an expert on Google News, and shares his insights to help you rank news articles. A must-have if you're doing SEO for news sites

The newsletter is a bit irregular and basically comes out whenever Barry has something to share.

SEO MBA by Tom Critchlow

Tom Critchlow

So you know how to do SEO. But how do you sell it to your manager, clients, or board? And how do you share your progress?

Tom's SEO MBA newsletter helps you become more effective and confident at presenting to executives. Quite different from most SEO newsletters, and very insightful.

SEOChatter Newsletter

SEOChatter logo

Stephen sends exclusive SEO tips to email subscribers and links to new SEO blog posts 3 times per week. 

Animalz Newsletter

Animalz logo

Animalz is a content marketing agency that has posted some super valuable articles. They also have a weekly newsletter focused on content strategy.

Great insights that you can't afford to miss if content is your thing.

That's a wrap! Are we missing a super useful newsletter? Let me know!