Technical SEO audits

Don't let technical site issues slow down your organic growth.

Our technical audits help you find and fix every issue.

Your technical SEO todo list
Indexation report

Get your pages indexed by search engines

It all starts with making your pages indexable. We check your indexation settings to make sure Google doesn't miss anything.

Using Google's Page Inspect API, we give you near real-time insights into the indexation status of your pages.

Pagespeed and Web Vitals

Page speed is important for both SEO and user experience. We help you find slow pages.

Stop checking every page individually: we'll check your of pages using the Pagespeed API, and show you the results in one overview. This saves you hours finding slow pages.

Oh, and we do it every week, so you'll know when new page speed issues arise.

Pagespeed and Core Web Vitals report
Canonical URL report


Sitemaps are an import tool in your SEO toolbox. How do you know if the sitemap is complete, up to date, and correct? The Sitemap Report tells you just that.

We find all your sitemaps and find broken pages, missing pages, and redirected pages.

Invaluable to improve your sitemaps and help Google indexing your site.

Canonical URLs

A wrong canonical URL can do serious SEO damage to your website.

For every page, the Canonical Report shows you what type of canonical it has: no canonical, self-referencing, or referring to another page. And we check if that canonical actually works.

This helps you identify canonicalization issues and prevent SEO disasters.

Canonical URL report
Hreflang report


If you've ever done an SEO audit for an international website, you know what a nightmare Hreflangs can be. Very much required to make a page target the right audience, yet very hard to get right.

The Hreflang-report shows you which pages have which hreflangs, to help you quickly find uncovered pages or languages. A huge time-saver for international SEO.

Structured Data

Structured Data is a great way to enhance your visibility in Google.

The Structured Data Report to find out which pages have what types of Structured Data, and where you could add some Schema to improve your visibility.

Screenshot of SiteGuru feature
Broken links

Broken links and redirects

Broken links annoy your visitors and hurt your SEO activities. SiteGuru checks all your internal links and checks if they work.

And there's more: we check for internal redirects and show you which pages have no internal links. No easier way to quickly identify link issues and improve your internal linking.

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