The Basics of SEO

Getting started with SEO

Are you just getting started with SEO? Congratulations! You're up for an great learning experience with amazing career perspectives.

The field of SEO is very broad, and includes everything from link building to content optimization to technical fixes. We created this guide to get you started.

We'll start with a quick intro about how Google works, and then touch upon some basic SEO topics. If you're already familiar, feel free to skip ahead.


  1. How to Manage Internal Links and SEO

    How to Manage Internal Links and SEO

    While SEOs typically talk about backlinks, internal links are a crucial aspect of a successful strategy. In this article, I’ll walk you through the top considerations, including selecting the proper structure and managing internal links.

  2. How SEO works

    How SEO works

    Want to learn more about SEO? You’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we discuss everything you need to know, starting with the basics.

  3. SEO vs SEM

    SEO vs SEM

    SEO and SEA are very different, but closely related ways to improve your visibility. This article explains how to leverage both.

  4. About the SERP

    About the SERP

    SERP, also known as Search Engine Results Pages are search engine responses of a query. It displays a ranked list of URLs related and other featured snippets.

  5. Page titles

    Page titles

    Page titles play a vital role in getting more visitors from search engines. This article explains how to optimize your titles to increase organic traffic

  6. Meta descriptions

    Meta descriptions

    Meta descriptions play an important role in SEO. This article explains all the details and tells you how to write the best possible meta description.

  7. Alt texts for images

    Alt texts for images

    Image search is an often neglected, but potentially meaningful SEO traffic source. Image tags are key in optimizing your images for search engines.

  8. CTR optimization

    CTR optimization

    A CTR curve shows how well your pages perform in Google - do people click or not? This article explains how to make a CTR curve and how to use it

  9. Google Related searches

    Google Related searches

    You've seen them before: the eight related search results at the bottom of a search result page. Using similar keywords, you can get new content ideas.

  10. Website Taxonomy

    Website Taxonomy

    A website taxonomy helps visitors find the information they are searching for. This article explains how to set up the right taxonomy for your website.

  11. How to perform a technical SEO audit

    How to perform a technical SEO audit

    Meet the only technical SEO checklist you’ll need! Discover the key elements you need to check, from the crawl budget to faceted navigation (and beyond).

  12. Heading vs Title Tags

    Heading vs Title Tags

    What are the differences between a title tag and a heading? Both serve as titles to describe what your webpage is about, but there are a few catches!

  13. Permalink for SEO

    Permalink for SEO

    Permalink is one of the elements of SEO that you can count on always to help you boost your rank on the results page.

  14. Domain names and SEO

    Domain names and SEO

    How does your domain name affect your rankings? In this article, we bust a couple of domain-related myths, and help you find a good domain name.

  15. OpenGraph Tags

    OpenGraph Tags

    Stop the scroll and get more social media traffic with open graph tags! Take control over your social media content with our article.