Web Vitals: A new set of ranking factors

Last week, Google announced that the User Experience will be a more important ranking factor. With this, they introduced the Core Web Metrics that help you measure the User Experience of your site. 

The three metrics have complex names, but it's actually quite simple: 

  • Largest Contentful Paint: how long does it take your page to load
  • First Input Delay: how long does it take before your visitors can actually use your site 
  • Cumulative Layout Shift: or how much do the elements on your page move while loading.

Google is using real-life page impressions to rate your website on these metrics, and will start using these metrics in their rankings somewhere in 2021. 

Introducing: the Web Vitals reports 

We've added the Web Vitals report to your SiteGuru report. For every page, we show you how well your site is performing for each of the three metrics. This helps you spot opportunities for improvement, before these issues may affect your rankings.

Update: The Core Web Vitals report is now part of the Performance Report.