New: Hreflang report

Hreflang tags are an important tool for international SEO. Hreflangs help you target the right audience internationally. If you have different pages for different countries or languages, hreflangs let you specify which audience you are targeting with that page. If you do this correctly, you avoid sending searchers to a page in a wrong country or language.

Setting up the right hreflangs can be pretty complex. It's easy to make a small mistake and mess up your international targeting.

The new hreflang report is here to help: for every page, it shows which hreflangs are added and if you're missing anything. This helps you quickly spot errors and fix them. You'll find the hreflang report in your site report under the Technical tab.

Please note: we currently only support hreflang tags in the head of the page. We're still working on fetching hreflangs from the sitemaps or the HTTP headers of the page.