We proudly present: the Structured Data report

Today I'm introducing a new feature that I'm super excited about: the structured data report. Structured Data is a great way to increase your visibility in Google, and helps Google better understand the content on your website.

Google is showing more and more featured snippets on top of the search results, and that's a perfect place to be if you want to succeed in SEO. Structured data helps you do that: by labeling your products, blogs, recipes, FAQs, contact details or whatever content you may have, you increase the chance of that content showing up in Google.

Sample of structured data report

The new structured data report shows you exactly what structured data you have on your pages. It helps you spot opportunities to add more structured data. Bonus: there's a direct link to Google's structured data validation tool.

The new report is available for everyone and supports both JSON-LD and Microdata formats. Check it out in the Technical section of your site report.

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