Take action to keep using Pagespeed report

Page speed is important for SEO. That's why we use Google Pagespeed to check how fast your pages are loading. This helps you quickly identify slow pages.

What has changed?

Google has changed how they measure the speed of your page. This gives a better estimation of how visitors will experience your page. There's one downside: these checks may show up as sessions in Google Analytics. This pollutes your Google Analytics reports.

Because we don't want to flood your Google Analytics reports with fake visitors, we have turned off Pagespeed checks for your websites. Here's how you enable it:

How to fix this?

1 - Google Analytics
In your Google Analytics reports, check the option 'Exclude all hits from known bots and spiders'. This prevents Pagespeed checks from showing up in Google Analytics reports.

2 - SiteGuru settings
In your website report, check the Pagespeed Check checkbox in the sidebar, or enable the Pagespeed Check from the Settings tab.

After this, we'll continue checking your pagespeed, without affecting your Google Analytics reports.

If you're not using Google Analytics, you can turn on the Pagespeed check for your websites from the Settings menu.