SiteGuru Insights now works with GA4

Are you using the newest version of Google Analytics? Good news: you can now connect your Analytics account to SiteGuru Insights, and get all your online marketing data in one place.

Google released GA4 (previously known as App + Web) about 2 years ago and it has matured in recent months. Google even opened up their API, which means we can connect to it and load your data in SiteGuru.

To connect your site to GA4, go to Settings and click on the Google Accounts tab.

What does this mean for me?

If your website has an original Universal Analytics property on it, you can keep using that. Nothing changes:) 

Do you have both Universal Analytics and GA4? Now you can choose which one you want to connect. It's up to you.

Do you only have the latest version of Google Analytics (GA4) on your site? You could not connect Analytics before, but now you can:).

What are the differences?

GA4 works differently from Universal Analytics. It's more focused on events, and less on pageviews. That means the data you'll see in SiteGuru Insights is also slightly different.

Most importantly, GA4 does not track metrics like bounce rate or time on site. Instead, we're now showing you the Engagement Rate and the Engagement Time in the reports. Other than that, you'll still see pageview and sessions data like before.

Nothing has changed to the integration with Search Console, so no changes needed there.