SiteGuru Insights

We're excited to introduce SiteGuru Insights. A new feature that brings all SEO data into one report and saves you a lot of time.

Search performance from GSC

SiteGuru Insights is Google Analytics, Search Console, and your SEO audit combined into one powerful report. It connects the dots between on-page SEO issues and performance metrics.

Just connect your Google account, and link your Analytics and Search Console properties to the SEO report. We'll gather the data and combine it into actionable insights, such as:

  • How do my pages perform in Google? Rankings, clicks, and impressions, it's all there.
  • Which pages have dropped or risen in the SERPs?
  • What are the most important keywords for my pages?
  • How did on-page changes like changing the page title affect my CTR?
  • Which pages have a lower CTR, and would benefit from a better page title and meta description?
  • Is my content optimized for the most relevant keywords?

SiteGuru Insights is included in all paid plans, and is included in the free trial.