Simpler pricing

I've recently changed SiteGuru's pricing. It's now fairer and simpler and puts you in control.

Like most online businesses, SiteGuru used to have 3 different plans. Each plan would let you add a fixed number of websites, and for each of those websites, it would crawl a fixed number of pages.

That seemed simple, but it didn't feel right. What if you have just one website, but that website has a large number of pages? Or what if you have 10 different websites, but each of them is quite small? There wouldn't be a right plan for you.

That's why we now let you create your own plans. Add as many websites as you want, and select the number of pages we should crawl for that website. You'll get a custom plan for you that always fits your needs, so you'll never pay too much.

How much is it?

It depends on how many sites you want us to check. For every website, you'll pay $10 a month to crawl up to 100 pages. Every extra 100 pages cost $2,50 a month, with a maximum of 2500 pages. Easy as pie!

What happens with my existing subscription?

If you have an existing subscription for SiteGuru, nothing changes for you. You can still crawl as many sites and pages as you could before.

Can I get a discount?

Sure! If you're paying quarterly, you'll get a 20% discount. Pay annually to get a 40% discount

Can I still try SiteGuru for free?

Absolutely. Start a 10-day free trial, and we'll crawl up to 500 pages for up to 5 different websites.

Create your own SiteGuru plan on our pricing page.