Prepare to move to Google Analytics 4

What’s happening with Google Analytics?

Big news from Google Analytics today: the original version (Universal Analytics, or UA) will stop working on July 1, 2023. The newer version is GA 4, which works quite differently. If you’re using Google Analytics UA and don’t have a GA4 property yet, now is the time for action.

Why does this matter?

Google Analytics is the most used analytics tool and provides valuable data for every SEO. And because GA4 is so different from UA, you can’t just click an update button. GA4 requires its own implementation.

And while July 2023 seems far away, you need to take action now: you need historical data to make year-on-year comparisons. Therefore, now is the time to start implementing GA 4.

What should you do now?

If you haven’t done so already, you need to create a GA4 property for your website and install it on the site. This works very much the same as your old Google Analytics property. You can install the tracking code by adding it to your site or using Google Tag Manager.

After installation, make sure it’s collecting data and that you see your visitors show up. Congrats! You’re now ready for the end of Universal Analytics. You can further customize this and set up conversions and events as you like.

Krista Seiden has published a great guide on how to set up your GA4 account.

Why is Google sunsetting Universal Analytics?

Universal Analytics, the 15-year-old version, relies on pageviews and sessions to track your visitors. Google Analytics 4 works well across platforms and works based on events. Google also claims it’s more privacy-friendly.

Google Analytics has been around for over 2 years and it’s matured into a fully-fledged analytics platform. Upgrading to GA4 brings you benefits like enhanced privacy and a better understanding of how your visitors use your website.

SiteGuru Insights supports GA4

If you’re using SiteGuru Insights, you can connect the new GA4 property as well. Go to Google Accounts, and select your GA4 property to use the GA4 account for SiteGuru Insights.


Don’t feel like switching to GA4? There are some privacy-focused alternatives out there, like Plausible Analytics and Matomo.