New: dummy text checker

While working on a new website, developers or content managers often add some dummy text to the page. It's an easy way to find out what the page will look like when the real content is added.

But all too often, this content is never removed and ends up on the live website. Oops. That looks bad!

You'll find these lorem ipsum texts all over the internet. 

Our new Lorem Ipsum checker finds all the pages that have dummy content on them, so you can quickly remove that dummy text and replace it with something that makes sense.

How it works

We check all pages for the phrase "lorem ipsum". If we find any, it will be highlighted in your SEO todo list. The report is only visible if there is dummy content on your site. 

In some cases, you might have Lorem Ipsum content on a page that is supposed to be there. This blog is a good example. In that case, you can choose to ignore it. Click Ignore, and any dummy content on that page will no longer be highlighted.