New and improved reports

Broken links always suck, but internal broken links are even worse. Therefore, we now show the broken link report in 2 sections: one for internal broken links, and one for external broken links. This helps you focus on internal broken links first, and fix those nasty external links later.

The other change is related to the internal redirects report. Ideally, you should always point links to the right location directly. Sometimes, that isn't always possible and you need a redirect. Search Engines differentiate between a 302 (Moved Temporarily) and a 301 (Moved Permanently) redirect. 

301: this page has been moved, and (almost) all SEO value is copied to the new URL
302: this page is temporarily moved, and SEO value is not assigned to the new URL.

For normal redirects you should always use a 301 - Moved Permanently redirect. In the internal redirects report, we're now showing the 2 in separate tabs. That helps you fix those 302's first, while giving you a clear picture of the 301's.

Lastly, we're now also showing the URL to which you're redirecting. Just so you get the complete picture.