Meaningful email notifications

From the start, I knew email notifications would be an essential part of a great SEO tool. For you as a site owner, it’s nice to get regular updates on how your site is doing. For me, it’s a great way to keep in touch and remind you to regularly check out Win-win, right?

Initially, you would get an update every week after we crawled your site. It’s just a simple list of things that you can improve on your website - the same as in the app. The development effort was quite small because the task list was already there. 

But honestly, it sucked. Unless you were very actively improving your site, you would get the same email every week. The email wasn’t engaging and people found it boring. They were right.

Time to come up with something better. I figured people would want to know if there’s something wrong with their site, but only if it’s a new issue. So step one is to introduce Site Quality Alerts. Whenever there’s a significant drop in the quality of your page, we’ll let you know, and tell you to check out your site report. 

It would also be nice if we can ‘educate’ site owners to improve their website. Combined with the new SEO Academy (in the works) with relevant articles on SEO, I could create an email journey personalized to your website.

Say you just added a website with a number of very slow pages, but also some missing meta descriptions and you forgot to install an SSL certificate. Instead of giving you a full list of issues every week, I will send you focused emails about just one topic. So we’ll first tell you that your pages should load faster, and point you to an article to help you fix that. Then we’ll dive into meta data and why it’s important. Lastly, I tell more about website security, and why you really need an SSL certificate.

That’s 3 engaging emails relevant to your situation. Ideally, if you read them all and follow the instructions, you’ll improve your website step by step.

I've just rolled this out, so you should be getting more interesting emails in the following days.