Invite your colleagues and clients to SiteGuru

As an SEO, you never work alone. You manage the website of clients and you work together with developers and copywriters. That's what makes SEO fun. But it can also be complex: how do you make sure you're all on the same page?

Good news: it's now possible to invite clients and colleagues to SiteGuru. They get access to the same report you're using, and if they want, get the same email updates.

How does it work?

SiteGuru customers can add an unlimited number of people to their account. To give you full control, you decide what they can and cannot do. You can add three types of people to your account:

Owners have full access to your account: they can view and manage all your sites, and add or remove other people.

Colleagues can view and manage all the sites in your account, but can't add or remove anyone.

Clients can only view the sites you give them access to, and can't make any changes.

This feature is only available for our paying clients. Upgrade for just $ 19 per month to invite your colleagues and clients.