Introducing: broken link checker

Don't you just hate it when you click on a link, and get an ugly 404 error page?

Broken links are hard to prevent and super frustrating. As your website grows, you'll have hundreds of links, and there's no way to check them all by hand. Inevitably, at some point, your website will have broken links, annoying your visitors and hurting your search rankings.

That's why SiteGuru will now check all your pages for broken links, helping you to keep your website in great shape.

How it works

Every time we check your website, we check all pages for broken links. We show you which pages have broken links on the page level reports and in the weekly update emails. 

Why broken links are bad

Besides being super annoying to your visitors, broken links also negatively impact your SEO. Crawlers won't be able to reach some of your pages. Broken links are a sign of bad quality to both visitors and search engines.

Link rot is inevitable

No matter how much you try, over time your website will have broken links. You may change some URLs on your own website, or some other website you are linking to may change their structure, or even go out of business. This is referred to as link rot, and it affects every website.

Let's check your site for broken links! Sign up to scan your website.

We're not just scanning for broken links, but also for security, meta descriptions, page titles, valid HTML and much more.

Pro-tip: looking for a way to find broken inbound links? Check out our blog post on how to fix inbound links using Google Analytics custom reports.