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Link building is hard

So you've launched your startup, and now you are trying to get other sites to link to you. A great idea, because outreach doesn't only bring you new visitors, it's also essential for your SEO.

If you want to be found on Google, you need links to your site. That's hard. But we're here to help.

Why reach out to startup directories?

Reaching out to startup directories is a great way to start link building. Startup directories list the newest and coolest startup, so your website should be on there.

Outreach to startup directories has a high chance of success: they are often willing to put you on their list.

Is submitting free?

It depends. Some will add your link for free. Other directories charge money to get listed or to get bumped up the review queue.

Why this list is awesome

  • It has all the startup directories
  • You can download it as CSV
  • It includes the Ahrefs Domain Rating
  • It has the direct link to the submission page

Why we've built this list

We've been there: reaching out to hundreds of websites. We kept track of all the directories, and we thought it would be nice to share the list with you.

Download the list

The list

Links and Domain Rate last updated on July 2, 2020

Name DR Submit your site URL Free / Paid From
Product Hunt 89 help.producthunt.com/browsing/how-do-i-get-started Free
Capterra 89 www.capterra.com/vendors Freemium $2 / click
GeekWire 86 www.geekwire.com/startup-spotlight-apply Freemium
G2 Crowd 85 www.g2crowd.com/products/new Freemium
F6S Network Limited 81 www.f6s.com/startups Free
Getapp 81 www.gartner.com/en/digital-markets Freemium
Alternative To 79 alternativeto.net/account/signup Free
Growth Hackers 79 growthhackers.com/guidelines#new-post Free
Stackshare 78 stackshare.io/create-stack/new-company Free
Inc42 78 inc42.com/startup-submission Free
IndieHackers 77 www.indiehackers.com/contribute Free
Killer Startups 76 www.killerstartups.com/submit-startup Freemium $75
Uplabs 75 www.uplabs.com/submit Free
Springwise 75 www.springwise.com/spotted Paid $45 p/m
Webwiki 74 www.webwiki.com/info/add-website.html Free
Beta List 73 betalist.com/submit Freemium $129
Designer News 72 www.designernews.co/submit Freemium $4000
NextBigWhat 71 nextbigwhat.com/submit-your-startup Free
Crozdesk Ltd 71 vendor.crozdesk.com Freemium
iamwire 70 www.iamwire.com/startups Free
All Top Startups 67 alltopstartups.com/submit-startup Freemium $69
Index.co 64 index.co/login Free
FeedMyApp 63 feedmyapp.com/submit Paid $1.90
Startup Stash 60 startupstash.typeform.com/to/CJ8kSU Free
Alternative.me 60 alternative.me/account/submit-item Free
StartupBlink 58 www.startupblink.com/authmenu Freemium $395
StartupRanking 57 www.startupranking.com/startup/register Freemium $99
Beta Page 56 betapage.co/submit-startup Freemium $58
SaasGenius 53 www.saasgenius.com/free-listing Free
Remote Tools.io 52 www.remote.tools/post-product Free
Betabound 52 www.betabound.com/announce Free
Startupbase.io 52 startupbase.io/submit Free
Side Projectors 50 www.sideprojectors.com/project/submit Free
SaasHub 50 www.saashub.com/submit Free
Launching Next 48 www.launchingnext.com/submit Freemium $49
Appvita 48 mailto:submissions@appvita.com Free
Startup Videos 48 startup-videos.com/submit-a-video Free
SnapMunk 47 www.snapmunk.com/submit-your-startup Free
The Startup Pitch 46 thestartuppitch.com/post-a-pitch Free
TechFaster 46 techfaster.com/submit-your-company Free
Web App Rater 45 webapprater.com/submit-your-web-application-for-review-html Freemium $25
Startup Tracker 44 startuptracker.io/crowdsourcing Free
StartupResources.io 44 startupresources.io/add-resource Free
Astrogrowth 43 www.astrogrowth.com Free
Crazy About Startups 34 www.crazyaboutstartups.com/share-your-startup-2 Free
Paggu 34 www.paggu.com/submit-your-startup Freemium
Startup Buffer 34 startupbuffer.com/site/submit Freemium $39.95
Robin Good's T5 30 tools.robingood.com/content/new/387 Free
Startup88 28 startup88.typeform.com/to/CRjWqM Free
Getworm 27 getworm.com/submit-startup Free
Startup Button 26 www.startupbutton.com/submit Freemium $39
Allstartups 26 allstartups.info/Startups/Submit Free
Bootstrappers.io 26 bootstrappers.io/submit-a-link Free
Startup Costs 25 www.startupcosts.co/add Free
StartupsGalaxy 23 startupsgalaxy.com/en/signup Free
Startup Inspire 18 www.startupinspire.com/submit Free
Toolsalad 15 toolsalad.com/submit Free
Allstartups.org 13 www.allstartups.org/submit-a-startup.html Free
Launched 12 launched.io/newsubmission Free
Owwly 12 owwly.com/account/login Free
10 Words 10 app.10words.io Free
Surges.io 7 www.surges.co Free
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Link building is not enough

Links are essential to SEO. But it's not the only thing that matters. In order to rank, your website needs to be awesome: fast, technically sound and with great content.

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    • Page titles

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    • Duplicate content

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    • Sitemap

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    • Crawlability

      We help you check if search engines are able to crawl your page, or whether they're blocked by robots.txt or no-index headers

    • Semantic structure

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  • Happier visitors

    Happy visitors come back, spend more, and send their friends over. We help you make them happy.

    • Page speed

      Nobody likes to wait. Pages with longer load times have higher bounce rates. Faster pages have a much better user experience.

    • Broken links

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    • Mobile friendliness

      More and more visitors use their mobile device to view your website. We check if you have the viewport configured to show the website correctly on a mobile device.

    • OpenGraph tags for sharing

      Social Media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can be a great way to get more traffic to your website. Open Graph tags make it easier to share your content.

    • Security

      Keep your visitor's data safe. By using an SSL certificate, you make sure their data is encrypted.

    • Favicon

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  • Technical awesomeness

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    • Valid HTML structure

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    • Correct error headers

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    • Redirects

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    • Broken pages

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    • Alt texts for images

      Alt texts help search engines and visually impaired visitors understand what your images are about.

    • Language settings

      By setting a lang attribute on your page, search engines can determine in which language your page is written.