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SiteGuru runs a weekly audit on your website and gives you a prioritized SEO to-do list. We help you find the low-hanging fruit to quickly improve your website and get you more traffic from Google.

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How it works

Here’s how SiteGuru helps you find and fix your SEO issues in 15 minutes

We run a complete SEO audit every week and give you an actionable, easy-to-understand to-do list.

Improve page titles

427 affected pages - high priority

Issues your page titles can hurt your rankings and visibility on the search results page

Add structured data to your pages

466 affected pages - high priority

Structured Data helps search engines better understand your page and increases your visibility on the search results page

Add a sitemap to your website

sitewide issue - high priority

A missing sitemap slows down crawling of your website, and may lead to pages that are not indexed.

Improve page speed

5 affected pages - medium priority

A missing sitemap slows down crawling of your website, and may lead to pages that are not indexed.

Improve meta descriptions

7 affected pages - medium priority

Issues with your meta descriptions can hurt the click-through rate from search engines.

Avoid internal redirects

medium priority

Internal redirects make your website unnecessarily slow and hard to index

All your prioritized SEO tasks

Step 1

Run a website audit in 15 minutes

See how you can improve your website to boost your rankings

  • Add your website to SiteGuru
    no installation or tagging needed
  • We run a fully automated audit on your site
    takes about 15 minutes
  • Get an actionable list of important SEO tasks

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Step 2

Identify Opportunities Automatically

SiteGuru connects to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, so you directly see the effects of your SEO activities.

  • See the results of the changes you made
  • Spot new SEO opportunities
  • See your website's performance in one overview
    without using 3 different tools

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wooden-floors got 52% more traffic

Organic traffic increased 75%, keyword wooden floors moved up to position 2

Bounce rate of about-us went up to 76%

More visitors to this page are leaving directly. Try to make the page more engaging

New keywords found

Your website now ranks on page 1 for 5 new keywords

Improve your click-through rate

Some pages rank high, but get few clicks. Can you optimize the title & meta description?

Your new pages were first seen in Google

special-discount was launched last week and already got some traffic

See how your site is performing

27 May 2024

1 meta description changed

26 May 2024

Rankings for keyword seo tool for marketers went up

24 May 2024

1 title changed

15 May 2024

Page speed of homepage changed

25 May 2024

18 May 2024

Page speed of about-us changed

8 Apr 2024

Indexation settings of 2 pages changed

27 Mar 2024

Never miss a change

Step 3

Get Updates Automatically - We monitor your website’s SEO

We keep an eye on your website and notify you of any new issues, so you can focus on more important things

  • Never miss SEO issues on your website
  • No need to spend more than 5 minutes a day on SEO
  • No need to hire expensive SEO consultants

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Stuart Steinberg

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Stuart Steinberg


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14 day trial - no credit card required

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