The benefits of SEO for your business

Does your business leverage SEO to the fullest? Many businesses today are leveraging every single aspect of SEO to remain visible and competitive. If you have a website, you need SEO. Unfortunately, some businesses are still in the dark about how important it is for your business. 

Some even don’t know what SEO is, and those with little knowledge are not doing much to reap the full benefits of SEO. Others are victim to SEO experts who don't know how to do SEO but hire unqualified people to do SEO and not see any results. If you're one of those victims, you might conclude that SEO is not worth the effort and you focus on other marketing channels. 

Not leveraging SEO today is a big mistake, and that's why we have prepared this for you. Here you will learn the 19 various ways SEO can give your business an edge. 

Keep on reading to learn more. 

SEO improves user experience

SEO has an impact on SERP (search engine results page). If your website appears in a good position on SERPs, especially in the first position, it will deliver a high-level consumer experience, which is the optimal branding and business option. Keep in mind users are happier when they find the information they are looking for in a few clicks.  

SEO provides quality content on your site

Getting a spot of search engines today is not easy without practicing white hat SEO. Implementing some SEO practices in content optimization goes a long way. One way to start doing SEO is to write high quality articles on your website. You might not know how to optimize content at first, with time you can. But, we all know what great articles look like, if you write content that benefits your visitors, the better you can rank.  

SEO is good for your customers and business

A well-customized website is not only good for your business but also to your customers. This is because SEO makes it easier for your customers to navigate easily and find the information they are looking for in just a few clicks. When it comes to your business, SEO increases your traffic and engagement rate. And that results in more profits in the long run. Is that not something good for your business? Of course, it is!  

Increases traffic, engagement, and conversions

The impact of SEO doesn’t disappear immediately, like those of paid search. In fact, the more you focus on SEO, the more you will continue to gain. It's not a one off paid traffic from PPC, but it can exponentially grow your traffic as you continue to rank better for those targeted keywords. This means you will continue to receive more traffic, which is easy to convert to paying customers. The engagement approaches implemented here will largely determine the conversion rate. If you engage your visitors well, you will definitely have a reason to smile at the end of the day. Read more about SEO and KPIs.

SEO ranks your website on the first page

If you want to appear on the first SERP, you must take SEO very seriously. SEO is a component of SEM (search engine marketing) and plays a significant role in making sure you get a prominent position on the SERP. Considering very few people visit the second page, and (the third, fourth, fifth pages are rarely visited), then you may want to take SEO seriously.  

SEO is one of the best PR strategies

SEO does play a significant role in PR by helping you attract more attention to your brand. You can achieve this through quality content and strong and relevant links. Keep in mind that links are a form of recognition for your website. Here is what happens, sites that find your website useful and informative place links to you because they want to share it with their visitors. The more sites you link to, the more visibility you acquire.  

SEO is live 24/7

SEO never sleeps. It works round the clock to your advantage. That means customers can find you at any time of the day.  

Gets you global customers

Getting a position on the first SERP means more exposure to more people, and that increases the chances of getting international contacts. That will eventually lead to your business growth across the globe.  

SEO is cost-effective and long-term investment

Compared to paid ads, SEO is very cost-effective. While not entirely free, you only spend a few dollars to get started and to work on your SEO techniques. Not to mention that in case you decide to stop investing in SEO, what is already done continues to work for your business. If your focus was on paid traffic and you stop to invest, everything disappears instantly.  

Visitors get more informed about your business

If you focus on SEO and get a prominent position on the first SERP, people searching for information will find information about your business. They will use that information to decide on whether or not to consider your products or services.  

SEO is what your competitors are doing

Call it spying, reverse engineering, or monitoring your competitor(s), with SEO you can identify things that are successful, what is working, and what is not. You might see that your competition is reaching out to for links and noticed that their rankings are getting better. Without knowing what your competition is doing, it might be too late and you can lose potential traffic and customers. Staying on top of your business can help you close those gaps and keep your competition on their toes.

SEO is better than pay per click

SEO is cost-effective. You just splash out a few dollars for an investment that pays off in the long run. When it comes to PPC, you must pay for your ads to appear on Google, and once you stop paying, immediately, they disappear. Don’t forget PPC is short term investment. Now comparing the two, it makes sense to invest in SEO.  

SEO increases the speed of your website

Continuously optimizing your website improves its page speed. Excellent load speed led to better visitor experience.  Not to mention that this is also a sign of a successful business.  

SEO can eliminate telemarketing

Are you tired of hunting for customers the old fashion way of cold calling? handing out business cards? Networking? TV ads? There are easier ways prospects can find your business? Focusing on SEO brings customers to you without doing much work. SEO is inbound marketing, Compare that to work involved in calling and dialing bunch of numbers every hour. For sure, SEO is a better option.  

SEO boost your blog traffic

Investing in SEO improves the ranking of your blog, and that results in increased traffic and more engagements.  

Improve your social media presence

As you continue to attract more customers to your website, there is a possibility some will love to follow you on social media. The more followers you have the more you grow, right? While it is important to have social media, its also important to keep people engaged, whatever channel you use. The goal is to keep growing your social media presence and keep growing your online presence.

A big plus for small businesses

Small businesses struggling money-wise can get ahead of the competition by implementing various SEO strategies. It is cheaper to invest in SEO compared to other alternatives such as PPC.   There are some tasks you can accomplish, as a business owner. Whether you want to hire someone down the road or do it yourself, You don't have to spend thousands of dollars trying to compete in other paid media.

SEO supplements your offline sales efforts

Today most people search the web (with the help of search engines) before going to a store to make a purchase. If you have optimized your site and it appears on the first SERP, that automatically means more clients for your business.  

SEO helps grow your email list

SEO boosts your effort to grow your email list as your website ranks higher in search engines. When you rank higher, more people find your business and will want to learn more about you. For example, they can opt to subscribe to your email newsletter to receive periodic emails about your business. 


Leveraging SEO today is very crucial for any business that wants to get ahead of the competition. And as we have seen, SEO goes beyond boosting the visibility of a business. Are you taking full advantage of SEO? If not, it is not late to get started.