What is content marketing and why it is important?


Content marketing's growth has been explosive and is showing no signs of stopping. It is the heart and the foundation of most successful digital marketing campaigns. 

In fact, every great brand provides a wealth of relevant and valuable content that really connects with the audience. 

How do we know? 

This is because content marketing is a key part of our marketing strategy, and we have experienced all the benefits it offers. Now, to help you better understand why content marketing is essential, we have wrapped up a list of top benefits that content marketing can offer your business. 

But first...

What is content marketing?

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Content marketing is a technique that involves creating and curating unique and relevant content that your prospects or customers find useful, valuable, and fascinating. 

This content moves potential customers through the sales funnel.

The type of content you create largely depends on your audience and goals, including getting more people to register your email list, increase your sales, get more traffic, and more. This content can be anything that is publishable online, including guides, images, blog posts, videos, articles, infographics, etc. When implemented well, content marketing can significantly reward your business.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

Here are a few benefits of content marketing:

Better social media traction

Is your business still struggling to see much traction despite having a huge follower base on social media? Great content can help your business gain that traction. So, take content marketing to your advantage.

Build authority

Great content contributes significantly to building a strong online authority. When that happens, and your business is established as a credible source of information, you are more likely to rank higher in search engines. Besides, your customers will be more inclined to trust you if they see you as an industry expert.

Increase audience retention

Valuable content not only has the ability to create a positive experience for your potential customers but also the capability to compel them to come back for more. If contemplating how to capture your audience's attention, then do everything possible to produce and publish great content.

Improve conversions

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Your content may also influence conversion. If you post great content, there is a likelihood your target customers will buy from you once they read it. If persistent in producing content that helps your audience make a purchasing decision, you can be sure to see an increase in conversion rate.

Establish trust with your audience

High-quality content can help your business build a strong relationship with your audience. For example, when you write content that answers their questions. Your content showing up at the right time on SERPs is also very crucial to maintaining a sound relationship with your audience. Implementing SEO correctly is one sure way of ensuring your content pop up at the right time.

Generate leads

Your business can generate qualified leads with content marketing. Just create the content your visitors need and include CTAs anywhere. These CTAs may then be clicked by visitors who are delighted with your content, generating new leads for your sales team. It is that simple!

Boost your SEO efforts

Content marketing and SEO pair well today than ever before, and not using them together is a great mistake. Although some people maintain that SEO is broad and not everything is about content—the truth is— your SEO effort won't materialize without great content. In a nutshell, the more persistent you are in creating great content, the easier it will be for your SEO efforts to bore fruits.

Helps you stand from the crowd

With the digital marketplace becoming competitive every day, there is a need for every business to think of unique ways of standing out from the crowd. Content marketing can help businesses, especially small businesses, to stand out from the crowd. The trick here is creating content that is unique to your business. Can you do that? We are confident you can!

Educate your audience

Today buyers are hungry for content that educate them — why not give it to them? If you notice your audience depends on content to make a buying decision, then it makes sense to draft what they are looking for. If you do this consistently, no doubt you will see great results within a short period.

Achieve a profound understanding of your ideal customer

So how does content marketing help you achieve a deep understanding of your ideal customers? It is simple:

  • Publish great content
  • Track it down to see which content is the most successful
  • Analyze the data to see who is the large consumer of your content
  • Create content that targets those consumers or customers

Helps build links

Great content is what makes other sites want to link to yours. That means if you manage to create the best content, other websites will really want to link to you. And don't forget more backlinks, especially if coming from sites with high authority will bring you massive traffic in a very short time.

Content marketing is cheaper in the long-term

Content marketing offers a cheaper way to acquire targeted traffic compared to other traffic acquisition methods. For example, let's say your website ranks in Google for over 10,000 keywords and generates about 451,000 monthly search visits. If you were to acquire traffic via Google Ads, it would cost them about thousands per month. With a Cost Per Click at $2.00, you are looking north of $20,000. Considering your site doesn't use all this amount ($20,000 to create and optimize content, then it is reasonable to say content marketing is inexpensive in the long run). 

Content is key in every step of the marketing funnel

Content plays a key role in each stage of the marketing funnel. You're not only focusing on sales, but providing a buyer's journey through content. From the Top of Funnel (TOFU) all the way to the Bottom of Funnel (BOFU), the importance of great content cannot be undervalued. 

Here is how content related to the marketing funnel:

  • Top-of-Funnel (TOFU): At the top of the funnel, content can help educate your prospective customers and get them the information they are looking for to decide which type of solution might help.
  • Middle-of-Funnel (MOFU): In the middle of the funnel, content is meant to educate leads on the various options available so that they can narrow down and come closer to a final buying decision.
  • Bottom-of-Funnel (BOFU): Content at this stage is meant to give a final nudge of encouragement to the buyer and empower them to make an informed purchasing decision.

Tip! When creating content for each stage of the funnel, ensure you clearly understand the type of content each lead needs in their buyers' journey. That way, it will be easier to get them to the bottom of the funnel.


While many site owners want to rank number 1 for money keywords (keywords that lead to sales), you are missing a huge chunk of the market. It might be that 10% of your potential customers might type in those money keywords and only 2% leads to conversion. However, there are 20% TOFU, 20% MOFU, and 20% BOFU opportunities you are missing. Creating a content marketing strategy is about guiding your potential customers to the information they need and direct them to the right path.