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Let's fix your Google Analytics setup

Google Analytics can give you great insights. But how do you know the data is correct? With a broken Google Analytics configuration, you could be making decisions based on the wrong data.

Our fully automated, 100% free Google Analytics checklist helps you find issues and tells you how to fix them. Run your Google Analytics account through our automated checklist and see if you are relying on the right data.

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What gets measured gets improved.
But are you measuring the right things?

Finding the perfect Google Analytics setup

With some simple tweaks, you make sure your Google Analytics is measuring the right things. Our checklist includes the following checks:

Filtered views

A filtered view keeps out spam sessions, and internal sessions from yourself, your colleagues and your development team. Your filtered view should be the basis of your analyses.

Unfiltered backup view

Always make sure there is a view without any filters, just as a back-up. If there ever is anything wrong with your filters, you always have your backup unfiltered view to go back to.

Filtering bots and spammers

Bots and spam traffic should be excluded from your filtered results, or your sessions may look inflated. Luckily Google Analytics has a simple option to filter those out. Turn on the 'Exclude bots and spiders' checkbox to enable this.

Goal tracking

Whether it's a contact form, a newsletter signup or other events that matter to you: goals help you track if your website is working for you.

Site Search tracking

Do you have a search form on your site? Make sure you track what people are searching for on your website by enabling Site Search, and setting up the right parameters.

Google Ads integration

Are you advertising on Google Ads? Connecting your Google Ads account to Google Analytics will help you see how your ads are performing.

E-commerce insights

Are you selling things on your website? Ecommerce tracking will help you see where your revenue is coming from and how you can improve.

Are you using the right URL?

Sometimes domains change, or you moved your site to a secure SSL connection. Make sure you update the URL in your Google Analytics properties accordingly, without redirects.

Setting up the basics

Basic details like your timezone and currency should be set up correctly, so you can compare data across your views.

Let's check your Google Analytics setup

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