PDF reports have arrived

PDF reports have been a much requested feature. I'm happy to announce that you can now export your website reports to PDF. This lets you easily share your website report with your clients, colleagues or development team.

The report includes the most important checks we run on your site: page titles, meta descriptions, broken links, pagespeed, redirects and the technical set up of your website. Working together to fix your website was never easier!

How does it work?

Easy: just go to the Download tab in the site report. Here you can click the download link, after which we'll generate the report for you (will just be a few seconds).

Have a lot of pages on your website? In that case we may not include all the issues in the PDF report, but we just include the most important issues. We include links to CSV downloads with the full details. These links also work if you share the report with clients: they don't need a SiteGuru account to view the report

Who can use it?

All Business and Agency users can export PDF reports. If you're on the agency plan, you can also add your logo and business name to the report, so you can deliver your clients a white-labeled report.

Anything else?

Yes! If you're looking for a more structured way to export your website data, the CSV reports are for you. Most of our reports can be exported to CSV, so you get a detailed view of how your website is doing.