Introducing: the sitemap report

Sitemaps are an essential part of your SEO toolkit. Submit them to Google Search Console to speed up indexing, and you the coverage report to find out how well your site is indexed.

But how do you know if your sitemap is complete? And how do you know it doesn't use URLs that are redirected, wasting crawl budget? Or worse, your sitemap could have pages that no longer exist.

That's why I've added the Sitemap Report to SiteGuru. The sitemap report tells you:

  • which pages are missing from your sitemap
  • which pages are in the sitemap, but redirect to another page
  • which pages are in the sitemap, but don't work.

This will help bring your sitemap in great shape, helping search engines crawl your website faster.

The Sitemap Report is available for all SiteGuru users. You'll find it in the Site Report in the Technical section.