An easy way to get more clicks from Google

SEO is often about rankings in Google. But just ranking is not enough: those searchers need to click on your website in the search result.

If you're looking for quick SEO results, here's a golden tip: find pages that are ranking on the first page, but still don't get a lot of clicks. Next, try to tweak the page title or meta description to make more people click on it. Always works!

Good news: I've created the SERP Click Optimizer to help you do just that - in 10 seconds.

CTR curve from Google Search Console

We calculate your average CTR curve. Based on that, it finds pages that get fewer clicks than expected. A nice way to identify opportunities for extra search traffic by tweaking the page title and meta description - good old SEO work:-)

Underperforming pages

The report is free - no need to sign up.

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