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Find and fix SEO issues, slow pages and broken links

  • SEO

    Improve your rankings

    Fix SEO issues on your website to achieve the top spot in Google.

  • Usability

    Get happier visitors

    Find usability problems on your website and fix them to make users happier.

  • Technical details of your website

    Technical awesomeness

    Solve technical issues on your website, check your HTML and make it faster.

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SEO issues we found recently

While checking 67,111 pages, we found these issues


Broken links

6% of all the links we checked don't work.


Slow pages

46% of all the pages we checked are too slow


Insecure websites

29% of all the sites we checked are not secure


Page titles

36% of all the pages we checked did not have a good page title


Meta descriptions

65% of all the pages we checked did not have a good meta description


Missing alt tags

70% of all the pages we checked did not have alt tags for all images

We check your page for these issues

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search engines can drive lots of traffic to your website, if your website is optimized correctly.

    • Meta descriptions

      Meta descriptions are essential for good SEO. We check the presence, length and uniqueness of your meta descriptions.

    • Page titles

      A good page title is essential for SEO and the click through rate from search engines. We check the presence, length and uniqueness of your meta descriptions.

    • Broken links

      Broken links suck: your visitors don't like them and they are bad for SEO. We check all your pages for broken links.

    • Duplicate content

      Every page on your website should have unique content. Avoid duplicate content by having your website available on just one URL, either with or without www. Not both.

    • Sitemap

      A sitemap is a great way to speed up indexing by search engines. This helps to speed up indexing. We check if your sitemap.xml file is present.

    • Crawlability

      We help you check if search engines are able to crawl your page, or whether they're blocked by robots.txt or no-index headers

    • Semantic structure

      A good page has one, and only one H1 heading. It's a pyramid like hierarchy, with the number of headings increasing as you move down

  • Happier visitors

    Happy visitors come back, spend more, and send their friends over. We help you make them happy.

    • Mobile friendliness

      More and more visitors use their mobile device to view your website. We check if you have the viewport configured to show the website correctly on a mobile device.

    • OpenGraph tags for sharing

      Social Media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can be a great way to get more traffic to your website. Open Graph tags make it easier to share your content.

    • Page speed

      Nobody likes to wait. Pages with longer load times have higher bounce rates. Faster pages have a much better user experience.

    • Security

      Keep your visitor's data safe. By using an SSL certificate, you make sure their data is encrypted.

    • Favicon

      A favicon helps visitors recognize your website. Every website looks better with a favicon!

  • Technical awesomeness

    A solid technical setup of your website greatly increase your success. We check your site for the most important technicalities.

    • Valid HTML structure

      Proper HTML is very important. By sticking to the W3 Standards, you can be quite sure that your website works on all browsers, old and new.

    • Correct error headers

      By sending the right 404 response headers, you prevent your error pages from being indexed.

    • Redirects

      Too many redirect s make your page slow and make it harder for search engines to crawl your site.Find and fix redirects with our redirects report.

    • Javascript and CSS files

      Too many different stylesheets or Javascript files make your page load slow. Limit the number of CSS files.

    • Alt tags for images

      Alt tags help search engines and visually impaired visitors understand what your images are about.

    • Language settings

      By setting a lang attribute on your page, search engines can determine in which language your page is written.